+++++NEWS+++++ Update on Fraudulent ‘Court’ Documents by Guy Taylor, speaking on the UK Column news


Guy’s interview starts at 19.42 minutes. Judge Cadbury suggests Guy speak to the press about it!

Seriously, what the f*** is going on in our justice system? Bloke goes up to a Judge showing him a fraudulent Writ of Posssession that was used to steal a very expensive country manor and involved a tac team of police and an army of private bailiffs and a police helicopter – and he’s told to go talk to the press! And this, as Guy states, is happening at a massive scale.

If you have examples of fraudulent documents you would like forensically examined then send them to us at admin@dignityalliance.com and we will take the necessary steps. Our plan is to collate a thick, overwhelming pile of these documents and commence with a formal police complaint. We do have willing Senior Police Officers waiting for this to empower them to act. Nothing can be done without the evidence; and you guys coming forward.

You don’t have to be a member of the Dignity Alliance to submit documents but obviously we will be looking for people to get involved and join us to get maximum publicity and impact on this campaign.

Well done, Guy and his team!