Quiet does not mean nothing is happening


Apologies for the lack of posts of late but there has been a lot happening behind the scenes and lots of brand new sensible people joining the Alliance. All good stuff! It’ll be another couple of weeks till we start posting regular posts and info to keep you guys informed, inspired and up to date.

We’ve picked up an eviction that we will be working with as the conduct of the bailiffs and police was dreadful. The Dignity Alliance had an Observer present on each occasion and there were community press officers also reporting on events. The alleged Warrants were highly questionable too and we’ve passed these to Alpa Forensics for analysis and report. A separate link will be posted where we will put up all paperwork and videos and news so you can keep track of progress. Our aim is to investigate and raise complaints so we can help the MoJ, HMCTS and the Police to regain some of the public confidence they admit is now getting scarce on the ground.

Ditto with the Council Tax scam. Lots going on there too with our members that we’ll post up when we get the chance. There is one issue that is worth bring to your attention for now. The ‘BILLING AUTHORITY’ collects Council Tax, not ‘the Council’ or ‘Local Authority’. Do not confuse these. One District Judge has commented that they are essentially the same thing and frankly he is talking out his bum. In every case you are asked to do business with a party, YOU have a personal obligation to check the legal identity and legal capacity of that other party, otherwise you are liable for anything that happens. You CAN and SHOULD refuse to do business with a party that either can’t or won’t identify itself and its legal capacity. This is very much the case with one ‘Council’ we are having fun with. The Billing Authority and the Local Authority and Council have quite different functions and may even be, from area to area, different corporate entities. You need to check for yourself in your own area who is who and what is what as it is not uniform across the country.

This freedom of information response from the Valuation Office Agency (they who rate properties and work for HMRC with respect to the alleged Council Tax) is worth reading through. Refused on the basis that the Billing Authority is a person under the Data Protection Act and that person’s right to privacy has been protected. Yet more bullshit and officials working in a public capacity colluding to cover their backsides and scam the good ol’ trusting peasants. Complaint is with Information Commissioner and response will be posted here.

Here’s another tasty FOI response….

If you ask a mechanic what a spanner is and what its for and he/she will be able to answer you. Ask a nurse what a thermometer is and what its for and he/she will be able to answer you. Ask the judiciary what the law is and what its for and…..well….look for yourself…

Judicial Office - Purpose of the Law - redactedI thought this was an easy question. Obviously not. In the Royal Courts of Justice they claim not to have one single piece of written information advising them what the law is and what it is for?! Hmmm. I have my own views on the answers, which revolve around tax and tax collection but I’m open to your views. This should be interesting. Sometimes we get buried so deep in the game that we forget to ask the simple questions. See if you can do better by writing around and sharing responses for posting on here. Send to admin@dignityalliance.com

Okay, see you in a couple of weeks.