Equality at Law



Dignity Alliance would remind everyone of our friends at Albien Law Advocates Ltd. The tireless work by these volunteers cannot be commended highly enough as an essential service to the community. They receive no public funding and rely on private funding and people volunteering their time to learn the law and go on to help other people. The work they do in defending victims and the innocent, almost entirely on a pro bono basis, has earned them a reputation that few law firms enjoy. They are driven by passion and a desire to help others. If you have time to offer to help them please, please do so….
Please visit their website and facebook site and if you have knowledge of the law or are eager to learn, get in touch with them. The more good people they have helping, the more struggling people they can help.
A central campaign of the Dignity Alliance is to end the current multi-tier application of law where parties, because of privilege, or power, or money, or other elevated status seem to have little to fear if they do something criminal. We also have endless cases coming before the courts where one party is quietly granted court privilege thereby preventing the other party (generally the rest of us scrotes!) from getting a fair and impartial hearing. I’m sure most of us have experience of this institutional courtroom ‘impartiality’? We at the Dignity Alliance have termed this conduct as Judicial Apartheid. When you get past the populist descriptions of apartheid and go behind the racism front, the nuts and bolts of what it means is simply that someone or something is legally recognised as having higher or lower legal standing in a court. Isn’t blind lady justice about giving us all equal legal standing at law? The video presentations posted below add substance to this argument that justice is not blind and decisions may be more about abusing lawful process to impose political policy than actually delivering fairness or just reward.
This is not socialism or any other -ism. Let’s clear that up. Our community campaign has no party political motives! We seek only that the courts, to function correctly and deliver blind justice for all, must confer on litigant/prosecution and the respondent/defendant absolutely equal status and standing at all times without fear or favour. Granting one side or another elevated legal privilege because of some attribute is a very dangerous path to be following and sad to say that this nonsense is endemic in our current justice system and is gradually tearing it apart. The very political Human Rights Act 1998 can be included in this analysis of where our law has gone wrong but that subject WILL be discussed here another day, as will legal privilege for banks, local authorities, and every other ragtag outfit that seems to have the courts kissing their backsides.
We applaud the work of Albien Law Advocates as it helps to level the unbalanced playing field that is our current court system. We need groups like this all over the country doing the same to ensure justice is seen and to bring Judicial Apartheid to an end. If it means more bankers and public officials and heads of large multi-nationals tasting prison food then so be it. Protecting the economic well-being of the State may be the main function of government but at what expense? Justice?
You may not have heard of the European Charter of Local Self-Government, or the Localism Act 2011.  You should! If you haven’t read these you haven’t got a clue what is happening. These are instruments were decided by our mates over in Brussels and Strasbourg that affect every one of us, every day. The Localism Act 2011 was slipped into our statute books with nary a bleat of protest by our elected representatives. We will leave it to you to draw your own conclusion but a common view held by many of our members is that these create a new form of 21st century fiefdom, where an appointed elite are given far, far too much power to wield with very little oversight or accountability in the new city-regions. We may return to a fuller discussion of this new troubling form of local self-government and why the political classes love them, but to return to the main subject of this post, is all this power exchange and special purpose government being imposed on us at the expense of equal justice? Who benefits the most when Judges have to also now consider economic well-being in their judgements? Nearest answer gets a prize!

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