Neil Heffey exhibits and explain abuse of process and fraudulent documents referring to a real Council Tax hearing


Neil Heffey of Albien Law Advocates gives a stunning presentation to the newly formed Dignity Alliance at their inaugural conference held in Ashton-in-Makerfield on the 26th of April 2014.

Neil explains the abuses of process, fraudulent documentation, and dishonest collusion between the lower tier courts and local authorities in a single ‘criminal’ case taken against a lady for failure to disclose information pursuant to Council Tax claims. The outcome was that the Local Authority and its agents withdrew the case and costs have been awarded. There will be more exposure and headline news to come in the future on the back of this and we will make this public as soon as we are able. If you ever had any doubts that the public are correct to have zero confidence in a judicial system which is deceitful and opaque and does not answer questions, then here it is…

For those official disinformation agents out there that will try and paint this as an attempt to avoid paying their way, and launch an ad hominem attack on neil or any of the good people involved, the purpose of this lady challenging Council Tax was to prove the corruption of judicial process and very serious question regarding what and who is a Local Authority these days. The case was backed by over two years research and evidence leading to the understanding that the good people of Wigan are now being managed by a veiled corporation who have no actual public standing or merit. The lady has the money to pay the amounts demanded by this apparently private company called Wigan Council and will do so when some very basic questions are answered. Have you checked whether your local authority actually has legal personality and legal capacity? You might just be surprised when you do start asking those questions….

The intention of the Dignity Alliance event was:

to get this subject into the public arena

to inform The People of the facts and suggest available remedies to institutional corruption

to encourage knowledgeable and qualified people to assist our legal team/experts in processing a large number of cases — and many more to come

to defend the innocent and prosecute the guilty

to save lives (suicide being an increasing result)

to merge the work of various groups, bodies, and associations to form a single organised and professional investigation/ prosecution team

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2 thoughts on “Neil Heffey exhibits and explain abuse of process and fraudulent documents referring to a real Council Tax hearing

    • Mark

      Has any Man or Woman successfully challenged and won a Council Tax case against Liverpool Council or, any other Council in relation to the fraudulent Council Tax scam and if so, by whom and when was this accomplished? Has any Man or Woman successfully challenged and won by bringing their case to Queen’s’ Bench Division as a Man or a Woman and a case brought against the Man or Woman from a governmental department or Council?
      Can any Court be accessed and brought into Queen’s’ Bench Division under a Common Law Jurisdiction? It would seem that the fraudulent, corrupt, Magistrates’ Court process servers or Court Clerks and Magistrates should be dealt with via Queen’s Bench and prosecuted as a Man by a Man and not as a fictitious entity they well know does not have life but exists only on a piece of paper.
      It is the process servers duty to ensure process is followed but it is not. Has any Man had success in bringing a case to Queen’s’ Bench and prosecuting the Man behind the mask of his/her office such as a C.E.O. of Liverpool City Council or a Court Clerk/process server or other Man or Woman assuming an official role but then refuses to put their reverse liability on any claim made against a Man/Woman for a fraudulent undisclosed debt allegedly owed by every individual in this country to a private, corrupt corporate entity. I am seeking more research and information on how to evoke Queen’s’ Bench and how to bring a case to a Queens; Bench hearing and the correct process to ensure victory against another Man making false claim against me. Pointers in the right direction is welcome but has to be 100% accurate and within the Law itself otherwise what is the point?

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