The Unicorn


We have recently been asked, “why use a unicorn as the Alliance logo?”.

Contrary to some misconceptions the unicorn is not representative of a legal fiction. Instead we draw your attention to the Royal Coat of Arms for the United Kingdom:

ImageThe unicorn has an important heraldic meaning. Note that the unicorn, here representing the Scots nation, is chained to the ground. In heraldic terms the unicorn is essentially the untameable beast from the forest. It is a proud creature that will never unwillingly subjugate itself to oppression. It belongs to no-one. The meaning of the chain is that while the Scots people have been captured they has not been tamed. North of the border you will see versions of this where a link is missing (ie incomplete and therefore ineffective) or someone has deliberately chiselled off or otherwise removed a link.

The unicorn is not a traditional Scottish emblem or even specifically Scottish. It derives from the mists of time in medieval mainland Europe. It is used here in the Royal coat of arms as an obvious symbolism for a captured people. Facing left, with a horn and red tongue out means in heraldry that it is also damned dangerous and spoiling for a fight!

Interestingly, there is a latin term ‘ferae naturae‘, meaning wild animal. ‘Ferae domitae’ means a domesticated animal. In very simplistic terms you cannot own a wild animal. You can capture one as it crosses your landed property and claim it using possessory title as a right but you can not own it. A domesticated animal on the other hand doesn’t need to be captured. You own it. You have absolute (ie complete) title to it. It can be bought and sold as property. Any offspring of that domesticated animal belong to you also. You can brand it and number it. Good phrases to remember, as these will come in useful as we explore human slavery and human trafficking in legal and commercial terms in a future post. Most people think they know what slavery is but the simple fact is that we are misinformed and you might just be surprised to learn the truth. The unicorn, like a truly free man or woman, belongs to no-one!

We, at the Dignity Alliance, are opposed to slavery and human trafficking in all their forms.

A unicorn without a horn is a horse, and a horse is a beast of burden. An obedient and broken domestic animal serves a master and is owned by that master.

Are you a horse or a unicorn?



rob b



5 thoughts on “The Unicorn

  1. Joe

    The ‘not legal fiction’ would be more believable if the author was correct regarding the emblem itself. The eblem is not ‘the royal coat of arms’ it is the logo of ‘the crown’, the Jewish owned city of london corporation. It does not represent the monarchy. Our legal fiction PERSON is crown copyright and this is represented by the enslaved unicorn.

  2. Another aspect of the unicorn as covered by Wolf Dieter Storl in his book Shiva the divine god of ecstasy is that the imagery represents the third eye, which pierces the mysteries of the universe and takes the Grail Knight on his quest. Similar mythological symbology can also be associated with King David who hit Goliath between the eyes

  3. Jez

    Just a little grammatical correction, it should read “a proud creature that will never willingly subjugate itself to oppression”.

  4. Anonymous

    The original meaning of the Horse and Unicorn goes back to the Sun and Moon. The Light and Dark, Good and Evil aspect of creation. The Moon is wild and free to roam the skies. We live in a world of opposites, and when we have too much of one aspect – we appreciate the other much more.

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