The Dignity Alliance is born!




The Dignity Alliance was formally launched by the founding members on 10th March 2014, attracting a great deal of interest across Britain.

Individuals can now officially present themselves publicly as a member of the Dignity Alliance in their legal communications. The bullies and state-licenced criminals are now taking on a citizen’s union!

Thanks to all those founding members and friends who put so much effort into getting this idea into the big world. The possibilities are quite literally endless…!

Please take the time to get involved. This is about YOUR future and reclaiming back the people’s control of courts to dispense impartial and fair justice. It is our view that due to decades of political and corporate interference with OUR judicial system the whole system of law and order in this country is barely fit for purpose any more. Courts are not for enforcing political policy or revenue raising. Courts are not a brutal tool to be used to bully people on behalf of their corporate friends. Courts are not their to make a profit or enrich anyone! Our aim is to expose the absolute institutional corruption within all aspects of public life and to show our support to those within the system who stand for honesty and integrity and decency. This is about peacefully fixing a problem and reclaiming back OUR courts! All the other problems that people are continually bitching about can be fixed if we have a functional system of law that favours no one and delivers justice above all others considerations!

One law for all or no law at all!

Corporations have rights. Men and women have freedoms.

For official inquiries please contact

Let’s remember that every pair of boots we have on the ground are worth a hundred keyboard warriors… You can bitch on the net about all the woes of the world (victims) or you can develop ideas with other members to get out there and fix it (inspired free men and women).

Cheers guys. Let’s make this thing happen! šŸ˜‰


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